As a true reflection of its beautiful Mauritius, Southern Cross Hotels is a hotel group that treasures and leverages diversity. From the landscapes to the experiences, the flavours and people, you will find nothing alike across our four hotels except our smiles and our passion to serve you.

No matter which hotel you choose, you will be delighted by our hospitality and warmth, our excellent service and the generosity of our dedicated teams. You will be seduced by our Mauritian friendliness and charmed by the beauty of a place that inspires serenity, you will be amazed by the calm and happiness you will experience during your stay. Feeling at home, you will want to come back to live new adventures, make other encounters and share more memories.

We offer the best of Mauritius in unique holiday settings, with a selection of diverse hotels and a wide range of tailor-made experiences. Whether for a family holiday or romantic getaway in front of the turquoise lagoon, or an immersion at the heart of nature in the wild South of Mauritius with its breath-taking views, your stay at Southern Cross Hotels will sure be a memorable one!