Field trip to the Combo Forest, en route
to the Léon waterfall

A walk through the Combo Forest towards the Léon waterfall is like a dream come true for nature lovers, hiking fans and thrill-seekers.
Andrea Lodges guarantees a memorable experience at the heart of a protected area, where you can appreciate all that Mauritian nature has to offer. Discover its many endemic species and witness the spectacular 20-metre waterfall that hides in the forest – it’s a feast for the eyes!

Wearing your most comfortable sneakers, with sunscreen all over and your smartphone or camera in hand, get ready to enjoy one of the most magical moments of your stay, in the company of our experienced tour guides. Take advantage of the breath-taking view to live an unforgettable experience at the heart of nature, the ideal place to relax, go for a swim or even dive from the top of the waterfall.

The hotel proposes this activity as a group outing, or as a solo or couple adventure. This immersion in the forest, en route to one of Mauritius’ most beautiful waterfalls, constitutes a unique discovery of places that are still untouched and almost unknown to the island’s inhabitants. You’re in for a real treat!

Hiking Gris-Gris

What’s a holiday in Mauritius without a visit to Gris-Gris? Andrea Lodges’ experienced tour guide takes you on an exciting group adventure, to discover the wonders of this charming, unspoilt region of the South of Mauritius.

During your trip, you’re invited to walk along the paths leading to “La Roche Qui Pleure” (The Weeping Rock), one of Mauritius’ most impressive natural wonders, which owes its name to the runoff of water that resonates and gushes out of a cavity shaped by the wind and waves. This natural phenomenon is very popular in the Southern region of Mauritius, as well as the rest of the island; it attracts all kinds of visitors who’re curious to witness this great show. From the top of the cliff, you can admire the splendid Southern coast, bordered by a vast stretch of golden sandy beach and crystal blue sea. When the wind blows and the sea rages, large waves break on the rocks, making for one of the most a fascinating natural spectacle!

Following the hike, take a stroll along Gris-Gris’ beautiful beach before stopping by Chez Rosy for lunch – a must to end your Gris-Gris experience on a high note! This authentic Creole restaurant, with its rustic décor and particularly warm atmosphere, invites you to discover the delights of Creole cuisine through a variety of original dishes at bargain prices.

Quad ride with The BigFoot Family

In search of thrilling sensations, in the hope of living a real adventure during your stay at Andrea Lodges, get on a quad and discover the South of Mauritius, with its beautiful landscapes, each more impressive than the next.

Alone or as a couple, Andrea Lodges proposes three options of quad rides, ranging from a two-hour tour to a full day trip, complete with lunch. Choose the one that best meets your expectations and embark an exceptional adventure!

The Wild Southern (2-hour ride)

From Andrea Lodges to Cheminée Fontenelle, stopping by Gris-Gris and La Roche Qui Pleure, Terracine and Rochester Falls, follow our tour guide in a dream escapade through the sugarcane fields.

The Sweet Scenic (half-day)

Extend your walk with a tour at L’Exil Lodges, where you can go for a swim in the private waterfall and have a delicious burger for lunch, before going back to Andrea Lodges to spend the rest of the afternoon.

The Discovery Tour (full day)

Kill two birds with one stone by going for a customised tour of the South of Mauritius, ending with an exciting visit to La Vanille Crocodile Park. Travel to the heart of the Union Ducray virgin forest and spend a magical moment at the Léon waterfall, discover Bois Sec and stroll along the Pont de Senneville, Mauritius’ highest bridge.

Reserved exclusively to adults, quad rides present the ideal opportunity to meet other Andrea Lodges residents. They can also be enjoyed alone or as a couple through private tours.


No need to be a hunting enthusiast to shoot some arrows. Believe it or not, this activity is first and foremost a high-performance sport!

Andrea Lodges invites amateurs, advanced archers and curious adventurers to live the exciting archery experience at the heart of a beautiful verdant nature, where reign calm and serenity. You up to it? Wait no more! Put on your most comfortable sneakers and get ready for your first archery lesson at Andrea Lodges.

Beginners are in for a full training session, during which they will learn how to hold the bow and shoot the arrows, using a variety of shooting techniques to succeed. As for advanced archers, they benefit from the opportunity to improve their performance or simply enjoy practising their favourite sport.

Live a memorable experience in the company of our qualified archery instructors, you won’t be disappointed!