Ocean Day: 100 kg of waste collected by Preskil Island Resort employees

Ocean Day: 100 kg of waste collected by Preskil Island Resort employees

On the occasion of World Ocean Day, twenty-two employees of the Preskil Island Resort, a delegation from Mitsui O.S.K Lines (MOL) as well as members of the NGO Mission Verte, met on Wednesday 8 June 2022 at around 9 am for a waste collection operation near the hotel and in the village of Résidence La Chaux.

The aim of the morning’s waste collection was to raise awareness among employees and local residents. “Initiatives of this kind are becoming more and more frequent. On the occasion of World Environment Day on 5 June and World Ocean Day, it was important for us to reiterate and demonstrate our commitment to the environmental cause. As we do every year, we wanted to organise this clean-up operation in collaboration with the NGO Mission Verte, because we are committed to respecting the environment. This allows us to raise awareness of recycling among our employees and the general public,” explains the hotel manager, Vincent Cormarmond.

Armed with gloves and bin bags, employees from the hotel’s various departments went on a half-day hunt for cans and plastic bottles. 100 kg of waste was collected (beer cans, medical bottles, plastic bottles and scrap metal) from Pointe Jérôme to Résidence La Chaux, representing 21 kg of recyclable waste and 79 kg of non-recyclable waste. The collected waste was then transported to the Youth Training Centre in Pointe Jérôme for sorting.

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