Ylang Spa welcomes its clientele in a wellness area, offering customers the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of spa treatments in a serene atmosphere, surrounded by a refined décor. Escape your daily routine and opt for a privileged moment at the heart of this relaxation area, where reign calm and serenity.

The spa invites clients to enjoy its selection of body and facial treatments in a relaxing environment, as well as the services offered by its hair salon. Go for the massage of your choice, by a member of our qualified team of therapeutic specialists, in the privacy and comfort of one of our four spa rooms. You can also enjoy a moment in the sauna or hammam, which access is totally free.

Whatever your choice, everything is designed so you can live a precious cleansing experience, in a place conducive to recharging your batteries in great serenity…

Taste your way through Mauritius with a selection of authentically Mauritian rums, courtesy of Solana Beach Mauritius’ one and only Lakaz Rum.

In the course of this unique discovery experience, the 4-star hotel proposes an exciting apéro in a warm, typically Mauritian atmosphere. Gather around a campfire with your friends and family and taste each one of our homemade or locally produced rums. Let yourself be seduced by our products and have fun guessing the flavours that compose our different rums, which will reveal themselves with each new sip.

Take advantage of this moment to enjoy the Mauritianess of the place. Whether you’re tanning under the hot morning sun of the South-East coast of Mauritius, or just comfortably sitting under a blanket as the evening wears on, Solana Beach Mauritius invites you to relax and enjoy a shared moment of happiness with your loved ones.

Sunrise breakfast

Admiring the vibrant colours that blend land and sea, feeling the gentle ocean breeze caressing your skin, marvelling at the unique panorama and enjoying the peacefulness of the atmosphere, all the while eating a delicious breakfast… What more could you ask for?

During this unique experience of breakfasting at sunrise, Solana Beach Mauritius offers guests the ideal opportunity to recharge their batteries and take a breath of fresh air, in front of Belle Mare’s beautiful view. Share this privileged moment with a loved one or spend it alone to find yourself in absolute quietude. With seasonal fruits, hot drinks and pastries on the menu, you’ll have everything you need to start your day on a high note!

f this experience presents itself as simple, it is also one of the most precious. A moment of communion with the surroundings, to discover in a relaxing atmosphere – just you, facing the immensity of the sea… A few hours that will remain forever engraved in your mind.

Water activities

To all adventurers coming from the world over to stay at Solana Beach Mauritius, the hotel invites you to discover the beautiful treasures that hide in the depth of the Eastern region’s turquoise lagoon, by taking part in the various water activities on offer.

Jump in a canoe or aboard a pedal boat and glide over this vast expanse of water, which is home to a variety of marine species of all types and colours. If you enjoy sailing to the rhythm of the waves, windsurfs and dinghies are also available to both amateurs and professionals. As for thrill-seekers, the hotel offers the opportunity to go for a parasailing ride or, if they’re strong enough, a deep-sea fishing session. Taste the benefits of these water activities in complete freedom and safety, all the while admiring Belle Mare’s breath-taking view.

The water activities proposed by Solana Beach Mauritius go beyond a simple overview, aiming instead at offering visitors a total immersion at the heart of this aquatic universe. Live new experiences by taking part in the activities offered by our diving centres (PADI & CMAS) – the various marine species and their habitats will be so close you’ll almost be able to touch them! Don’t miss out on this unique experience when staying at the 4-star hotel.

Glass-bottomed boat

If you’re in for a relaxing, comfortable discovery tour of the underwater depths, a glass-bottomed boat trip in the Belle Mare lagoon is exactly what you’re looking for! No need to get into the water to uncover the hidden treasures of the aquatic world and appreciate its beauty, the glass surface that constitutes the bottom of the boat gives you the impression of being totally immersed in the world of the different marine species and their beautiful habitat.

Embark a unique experience, sailing Belle Mare’s clear blue waters and making surprising encounters with the underwater world. Admire the most beautiful surrounding landscapes and enjoy the rocking of the boat dancing to the rhythm of the marine currents.

Totally free, this activity is proposed by the hotel as a group outing and constitutes a unique discovery that will leave you with a head filled with precious memories.

Sports activities

During your stay at Solana Beach Mauritius, take part in a wide range of sporting activities, to enjoy alone, in pairs or in groups. Designed, implemented and managed by the members of our team, the diversity of the offer aims to meet everyone’s expectations!

Go for the lively rhythm of our group aqua gym classes or opt for the dynamic atmosphere of our fitness room. If you’re one to take on new challenges, you’ll probably enjoy learning tennis with one of our tennis instructors. Whether you’re an amateur or an experienced player, you’ll be offered the warmest support, adapted to your level. Other activities are also ideal to make some interesting encounters, including a volleyball match on the beach, some petanque or an indoor table tennis match.

If you’re looking to embark an exciting adventure, rent yourself a bike or scooter for the day and discover the beauty of the surroundings and all the activities on offer outside the hotel. Enjoy the freedom of discovering the East coast on two wheels and let yourself be guided towards the surrounding activities, each one more exciting than the other.